Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My first green crab.

This past weekend I helped our neighbor celebrate her son, Miles, 5th birthday.  Before this, I didn't know all too much about Ben Ten - granted, I've been out of the cartoon loop a few years now, lol.  Still, the theme was pretty cute overall, with all the kids having a blast, and the parents seemed to enjoy themselves as well.
My help came in the form of the birthday cake. At first, I had no idea what it was I should do, as I was unfamiliar with Ben 10 and well, when I went to the store, I decided I'd look for some small character figures for the top of the cake and couldn't find any!!  Seems kind of odd given the cartoon's seemingly popular status with Miles and his friends.  I did, however find some higher end, really expensive toys(you know, the ones boys break within a day's use).  With that still, I knew I at least wanted to get some letters for the words on the cake - I didn't want to do them by hand this week as I really didn't want to mess those up.  So I ended up with some blue and green sugar letters.  I will say the toys I did find, did inspire me - I was able to see what the logo looked like in person.  So on the way home I realized that the logo would fit perfectly on a round 9" cake and that I could (duh!) research the logo online.  
Once home I cleared the counter and got to work.  I mixed the batter and put it in the oven, and while the layers were baking I set to do my research.  Since I didn't want to have to do my decorating in my office, where my computer is, I did a small hand sketch and put it in the kitchen next to my work area.  
This is what I came up with:

I also ended up making him a card - After I couldn't find what I wanted in toys, I didn't bother looking for a Ben10 related card! lol.  So this is where the "green crab" comes from. 
At the latest crop I attended, I picked up an awesome beach theme set of stamps from the Stampin' Up rep that was there.  I probably got up and looked at them a half dozen times -I had to have them.  I think I managed a decent adaptation into Ben10(note the logo'd up claws).

Hope you have enjoyed my weekend's projects!
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