Sunday, March 13, 2011

Challenge Me Monday #50

For this week's Fantabulous Cricut Challenge Me Monday tree-mendous challenge I opted to do a birthday card for my co-worker.

Matt(my co-worker)took an entire week off for his birthday(!) so I used his trip as the theme for the card.  He went on a road trip from Metro Detroit to Tennessee into the smokey mountains somewhere.  So the scene I wanted to depict, was putting the big city behind him, heading into the country

Edit, More Pics:

5"x6.5" Folded white cardstock card
Behind skyline: Dark Blue cardstock
City skyline: black cardstock, with yellow/orange stickynotes to highlight windows - Cut from Going Places
Trees: green & brown cardstock, inked with marker & stamp pads for dimension - Cut from Everyday Paper Dolls (tree tops popped up with pop dots)
Green hills & grey road(inked for dimension and grit look) cut by hand
Car: Shiney silver cardstock, with light blue(window), black(grille & tires), and yellow(headlights) cardstock for detail - Cut from Going Places (popped with pop dots)

Inside of card reads "Hope you had a great trip and an awesome birthday!"

Hope you(and my co-worker) have enjoyed this card ~ it is officially past my bedtime! ~ hopefully I can take new/better pictures in the morning!!

Goodnight :o)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Challenge Me Monday: #49

This week's challenge over at Fantabulous Cricut was: To create a shaped card, other a square or rectangle.
For my card, I used Slimey from Mini Monsters.  (All the details are done with my pens.)  I ended up making two sizes, one I used wiggle eyes, and the other I used the original eyes... which turned out great for this project as they appear more like a black eye.  As a non-traditional card, my thoughts for the use of this card would be to use it as a party invitation to watch a Red Wings Playoff game(or regular season too).

On to the photos!

Hope you enjoyed my project, thanks for stopping in!