Sunday, March 13, 2011

Challenge Me Monday #50

For this week's Fantabulous Cricut Challenge Me Monday tree-mendous challenge I opted to do a birthday card for my co-worker.

Matt(my co-worker)took an entire week off for his birthday(!) so I used his trip as the theme for the card.  He went on a road trip from Metro Detroit to Tennessee into the smokey mountains somewhere.  So the scene I wanted to depict, was putting the big city behind him, heading into the country

Edit, More Pics:

5"x6.5" Folded white cardstock card
Behind skyline: Dark Blue cardstock
City skyline: black cardstock, with yellow/orange stickynotes to highlight windows - Cut from Going Places
Trees: green & brown cardstock, inked with marker & stamp pads for dimension - Cut from Everyday Paper Dolls (tree tops popped up with pop dots)
Green hills & grey road(inked for dimension and grit look) cut by hand
Car: Shiney silver cardstock, with light blue(window), black(grille & tires), and yellow(headlights) cardstock for detail - Cut from Going Places (popped with pop dots)

Inside of card reads "Hope you had a great trip and an awesome birthday!"

Hope you(and my co-worker) have enjoyed this card ~ it is officially past my bedtime! ~ hopefully I can take new/better pictures in the morning!!

Goodnight :o)


Just Jenae said...

Awesome card. I like the city, it looks really good! Thanks for playing along with us at FCCB! :)

Anonymous said...

Loving your skyline! Your co-worker will love this, thanks so much for playing along with us over at FCCB. Ever visited Moxie fab? They have a challenge with city scapes right now and you could enter this! Check my blog out if you need the link. :)

Jennifer said...

Thank you both for your comments!

& Thank you Sandee for the suggestion! I headed on over there and posted up my project!

Evanna said...

This is such a clever card! I love it!!

Kate said...

What a fabulous card!! I just love that you created a scene that is perfect for the occasion! (You'd never find this at Hallmark...) Great job!! Thanks for playing along at FCCB!

Julie Day said...

This is an awesome card!

Katy said...

Awesome scene card!

Jingle said...


Indy said...

What can I say...I love it! Just so darn cute and fun!

Anonymous said...

very fun! Love the "dark sky" mood of the card!

Alanna Harris said...

neat idea...very creative - great scene!

Cath said...

Hey Jennifer! Thanks for entering the Cityscapes Are on the Rise challenge in the Moxie Fab World! I'm so glad you joined in on all the fun! :)